Digital transformation demands agile workspaces

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What's stopping CIOs from building agile workspaces?

To find out, Capita and Citrix commissioned the independent market research company Vanson Bourne in 2018 to carry out a survey of 200 CIOs and senior IT decision-makers.

For over a decade, digitalisation has had a growing impact on our personal lives. So why are enterprise CIOs still struggling to deliver the same digital shift in their workspaces?

The research looks at some of the key challenges faced by enterprise CIOs in the race to increase agility by delivering a more modern working environment.

The key findings show that the overwhelming majority of organisations are seeking to increase agility through digital transformation.


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You’ll discover how CIOs are:

  • Building workspaces that are more agile, but they need to overcome a number of hurdles - including outdated capex budgeting models (88%) and issues around legacy applications (86%)
  • Responding to the challenges through mobility, user engagement, cloud delivered applications and BYOD, but with limited success. Less than half of companies (46%) have actually adopted BYOD, and the vast majority of those feel that security risks and support costs have increased have a result.
  • Increasing flexibility - almost two-thirds (64%) have adopted self-service tools, and 86% of those report a reduced number of calls to the helpdesk
  • Agreeing on the role of a modern IT user experience in attracting and retaining talent. The overwhelming majority (93%) say younger employees are driving demand for more flexible technology and ways of working